AMG has been an industry leader for 25 years while continuing to innovate and provide a superior level of excellence in selling assets.

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We are able to provide our clients around the world auction services that are in line with their companies needs. Whether the auction is live, on-line, web cast, or sealed bid, we can help you determine the best result to recover the highest value of your surplus assets.


When your looking to purchase premium equipment and machinery, look no further. Our auctions are conducted by certified appraisers with years of experience, and feature a variety of industrial machinery and peripheral equipment.


Whether closing your factory or just looking to sell idle machinery and equipment, AMG can tailor a specific plan. Our team at Asset Management Group will work to make your liquidation discreet and efficient.

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Complete Precision Machine Shop

CNC Camshaft Machining Line

Camshaft Machine Line

CNC Camshaft Machining Line

Camshaft Machine Line

Atlas Tools

CNC Machines, Tool Build, Die Repair, Laser Cutting

Atlas Tools

CNC Machines, Tool Build, Die Repair, Laser Cutting

Atlas Tools

CNC Machines, Tool Build, Die Repair, Laser Cutting

Circle Engineering

CNC Machines, DIE Build, Large Bed Tryout Presses

Lordstown Motors

Robots, Gantry Lift Systems, AGV Guided Vehicles, Mobil Crane

Lordstown Motors

Blanking Line, Transfer Press, Die Carts, Robots


Plastic Fabrication Company in Commerce, MI

Lear Taylor Plant

Injection Molding Facility in Taylor, MI

Alliance Forging

Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses, cooling tower, hand tools, scissor lifts.

Theisen Machine & Tool

Boring Mills, Grinders, Radial Arm, Messer Torch Cutter

Timken Bearing Facility 

Machinery, Toolroom, Plant Support, Bearing Related Equipment


Plastic Injection Machines, Telescoping Robots, Thermolators, Gravimetric Blenders

Dominion Associates

Injection Moulding Machines, Plastic Grinders, Gas Assist Units, Temp Controllers

Ford Genk Plant

Transfer Presses, Blanking Lines, Tandem Press Lines, Die Presses

CNC Machine Shop 

Shift Lathes, VMCs, Horizontal Saws, Surface Grinders, Vertical Mills

Dynamic Control 

Aerospace CNC Machinery, Robot Welding, Vertical Machining, Toolroom

DLH Rollform

Welding, CNC, Rollforming

Romeo Machine

Lathes, Steel Fabrication, Welding, Toolroom