Asset Management Group

(AMG) is a Global Firm specializing in Equipment Life Cycle Management. As a worldwide full service auction and appraisal firm, AMG assists our customers in re-marketing and reclaiming value from your surplus industrial assets through our appraisal, liquidation and auction services. We provide our customers with a simple, yet comprehensive, solution to re-market their surplus assets in order to reach the masses of today’s global economy. AMG understands that the most important goals of our clients are to capture lost capital, improve cash flow and optimize valuable facility real estate. We are able to offer our clients expanded services to efficiently re-market all of their surplus assets in order to accomplish these goals. Whether it’s a single tool or an entire facility, AMG can appraise your surplus and liquidate your surplus through a variety of auction styles and tools.

AMG has three customized approaches to facilitate your assets:

  1. Monetization – Generated through a variety of disposition methodologies including on-site, online, and live webcast auctions. We can also tailor private treaty and negotiated sales. AMG often acquires the assets up front using its own capitol. AMG may act as a principal and acquire a business in its entirety.
  2. Valuation –  From a single asset to multiple location assignments involving large scale plant support and machinery, we have certified experienced appraisers on staff to provide the proper value of your assets.
  3. Advise and Consult –  AMG can work with your team to advise the best plan to turn idle assets into cash.

Beneficial Partnerships

We have recently expanded our strategic partnerships to provide further benefits to our clients by aligning with online virtual selling platforms, like BidSpotter and Aucto. This turbocharges our ability to get every piece we are selling to a large mass market 24/7.

In order to efficiently and successfully meet our customer’s goals, we need to have the ability to put the proper information in front of the buyers of the world through all the possible marketing channels. By combining our efforts, we now have a massive customer database for our marketing purposes that is rivaled by few in the industry.


Real Time Web-Cast Auctions

We offer real time auctions streamed over the internet, through several platforms. We allow the clients to bid from any place in the world in real time.

Live On-Site Auctions
Nothing beats the thrill of a live auction. On site auctions offer the ability to see the equipment first-hand.

Let our experienced team of Appraisers determine the worth of your industrial equipment.

Ongoing Liquidations
Move your assets over a period of time.
Sealed Bid Auction
Everyone places one sealed bid, and the highest number wins.
Private Treaty Sales
Rather than auctioning off assets we can also sell them for you on the private market. We negotiate with buyers to get your assets moved for the amount that you desire.